Why We Choose Millennials

Much discussed, yet often misunderstood, the Millennial generation occupies a unique place in the modern cultural landscape.

Although frequently dismissed as an entitled and narcissistic generation, Millennials in fact are a distinctly media-savvy cohort united by a shared belief in the power of ethical consumerism, corporate responsibility, and social activism. Successfully engaging this generation is challenging, yet also critical, given its increasing social capital and consumer power.

At Aesop Studio, we craft stories that resonate with Millennials. As a London-based branding and digital marketing agency operated by Millennials and for Millennials, Aesop understands this generation–its experiences, its values, and its aspirations. We see social media, and the myriad other branding tools in the wider digital social fabric, not simply as a marketing platform but as a unique tool to foster connection and cultivate brand stories that are told, retold, and shared. These are the stories that not only speak to a generation but come to speak for and even define a generation. Like our namesake, the ancient Greek fabulist, we harness the power of narrative to connect and inspire. We ultimately see ourselves as digital brand storytellers, branding and marketing specialists who combine modern technology with traditional artistry to influence human behavior and engage a generation. We are Millennials creating for Millennials.

In a quantitative world, it is tempting to let the data be the driver in developing a marketing and branding strategy. Yet, it is people, and not disembodied data, that enliven the digital space of modern communications and empower a connected, influential social fabric of unprecedented complexity. As a Millennial-focused boutique studio, Aesop incorporates the qualitative elements of effective storytelling in all that we do. Through targeted content strategy and the very best in the latest digital design trends and practices, Aesop crafts your unique brand story and shares it with existing and prospective audiences.


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